Tuition Rates

Due to increasing education level, certification, and rising gas prices, I reserve the right to raise my tuition rates $1-5 dollars bi-annually. This will be re-evaluated every January and September. Students will be given a two-month notice of tuition changes.

Current rates:

Contact for details.


Tuition is due at the first lesson of every month for all lessons to be received in a month. No exceptions. If your student only has three lessons planned for the month, the parent can adjust the tuition accordingly. A five dollar late fee will be enforced for late payments. Starting in Sept 2007 all checks will be made payable to Wickes Piano Studio.

Your tuition covers:

Your tuition reserves you a weekly time slot and membership within the studio. Because tuition covers the weekly time slot, there is no readjustment of monthly pay for: sports or school events that come in the place of a student's lesson time. Those who readjust payments during the month following a student missing a lesson will be asked to pay for all lessons before lessons continue. There are no make-ups for student cancellations. If the student knows there will be a conflict, he or she should try to change with another student and notify the teacher of the change. There is a list of parents' numbers and lesson times on the studio website. A changed lesson time must be during the time of a normal scheduled lesson and in the same city as the person they replace. Please inform teacher of any cancelled or changed lessons 24 hours previous to the change.

I also work with a company that will do payments using Visa and MasterCard or direct debit from a checking or savings account. This service is free of charge to the student. If you would like to have more information on this type of payment, please notify me.

Studio Cancellations

30 days notice is required if student decides to discontinue lessons. Those who discontinue prior to the end of the month with no previous notice do not receive a refund for the month.

Teacher Cancellations

Cancellations outside of the pre-determined holidays will be made up during the semester in which the lessons are cancelled.

Studio Weekly Requirements

Each teacher is strict on various items at students' lessons. I require that each student complete their technique from week to week and the specific details written on their assignment page. Satisfactory performance of technique includes: playing assignment note perfect, with metronome, with no pauses. Satisfactory performance on each piece includes: improvement on every detail written in each assignment. As a teacher, I try not to assign too much for each individual student. However, what I do assign is feasible from week to week. If something is illegible or confusing, please call. If parents and students need practice advice to reach a satisfactory level, please ask.


Students who are not making satisfactory progress on their technique and pieces will be put on probation, and dropped if improvement is not made.

Students will be put on probation in the following way:

The same policy applies to practicing and finishing pieces.

While each family has its own individual responsibilities and activities, excuses for a student not practicing one week due to vacation, family emergency and need to do homework assignments instead of practicing will only be accepted on a minimum basis once every two months or so. If the teacher comes and finds that she needs to practice with a student because of lack of practicing during the week, she will do so once in a while. If this happens two weeks in a row, the student is put on probation and the lesson is immediately over.

Responsibilities of Parents

Because piano lessons, just like an education, are an investment on the part of the parents, I have some specific rules that will help the parents make the most of their students' lesson time. For each students lesson the parents should:

  1. Make sure that your student has their music out and ready before I arrive. The more time that a student spends looking for music, the farther behind I get in my schedule. I will not add extra time for the student to find their books.
  2. For families with more then one student, the parents should make sure the next student is ready to come in at their lesson time. Until now, I have been starting the lesson when the student sits down on the bench. With some families I have waited up to 5-10 minutes to start. Each student's lesson time will start two minutes after the previous student leaves the room. Any later then two minutes and they will loose those minutes from their lesson.
  3. During the week, parents should look at their students' assignment at least twice a week. I don't expect parents to sit and practice with their students every day; however, they should make sure that their child is practicing everything on their assignment sheet and the specific details that they are supposed to be working on. Preparation at a lesson is just as much the parent's responsibility as it is the student's responsibility. Except for the incidents mentioned in the previous section, parents should not provide excuses for lack of practicing.


Please try to limit questions to the beginning of the lesson time, rather than during the next students' time. I would appreciate a quick phone call or email to help me keep to my nightly schedule.

Phone calls

Because I also teach many students and work else where, I have difficulties answering my phone a lot of the time. I silence my phone during much of the day. The best times to reach me are the 30 minutes before my first lessons while I am traveling to teach my students and between 7-9 every night when I finish teaching. If you are calling during teaching hours, I will not answer my phone. I do check my missed calls between lessons to see if any of that night's students have tried to reach me. I try to never call on Sundays and I would appreciate no phone calls on Sundays.


I am very good at reading my emails. You may email concerns or problems to me at any time by logging into the studio website and clicking contact information. Parents of new students need to send me their email so that they may receive updates and reminders from the website about deadlines, dates and recital locations.


I try and have recitals on a regular basis. Although performing can be a difficult challenge for some students, the more you practice the better you get. The more opportunities that a child has to push themselves to perfect their pieces, the higher level of practicing and performing they reach. Therefore, I require that my students perform in at least one of the two recitals scheduled every semester. (Every four months.) Participation in the festivals of Encore may be counted as recital participation.

Policy Changes

With any changes made in this policy, parents and students will be notified. To remain in the studio each parent and student must agree to the rules and guidelines. Any time there is a problem or a difficulty with these standards, please notify me. I am only strict with the standards that I feel will help the student progress the most, and help the parent get the most out of the investment with which they have chosen to provide their children.

I have read and I agree to the terms and conditions of this policy statement.


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