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Because my background and professional training is focused on classical music, I teach mostly classical technique and classical repertoire. I require each student to complete technique exercises every week and at least two other pieces. During the school year, they will work on two classical pieces and a hymn a week from the denomination of their choice. During the Christmas season, we play Christmas music and duets. There is always a Christmas recital in December. During the summer, students can choose a type of music that they would like to play in conjunction with their classical pieces. We play duets and other chamber music that students would like to learn.

I want my students to reach out and enjoy using the talents that they are developing. Hence, I encourage my students to get involved in talent shows, church meetings, and other causes. During recital times, students are required to do practice performances for family and friends. This allows others to see the progress that each student is making.

I have started looking for performance halls outside of music stores and more in the community. I do this in the hope that parents and students will feel that their investment with the piano provides them with the skills and abilities to enjoy music and share that with others.

When I was a young girl, my dad sat down with me and asked if I really wanted to play the piano. I told him that I wanted too. He looked at me and told me that playing the piano is a lifelong process and I was not to give up once I started. For however long I am privileged to teach a student, I hope that they can see the energy and passion that I have for music. I want all my students to learn to express themselves through music and enjoy playing music their whole lives.

If you are interested in learning more about my rates and availability, feel free to contact me.

“Music, be it Beethoven, Bartok, or the Beatles, brings us together in a sharing of sound and feeling far more than can words, while simultaneously it may reveal to us something deep within ourselves of which we had been unawares."

Yehudi Menuhin
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